Planning - From the initial consultation to the concept presentation.

Step 1 - Nonbinding conversation

In an initial personal, informal conversation, we get to know each other and discuss your general plans.

Step 2 - Concept development and presentation

"Our chemistry is right," and you commission the concept development. In a subsequent conversation, we will learn more about your design and functional ideas and preferences, as well as the framework conditions, and delve into further details.

Planung einstieg


  • Plan review and examination
  • Measurement
  • Feasibility study


The individual concepts include:

  • Digital mood board
  • Room planning
  • Furniture and lighting suggestions
  • Color scheme
  • Window decoration
  • Accessories and decoration
  • Material samples and collages
  • Cost calculation
Büro Ansicht

Step 3 - Finalization of the concept

We will refine the concept with you until it meets your wishes 100%, as customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We work independently of brands and companies, so we are completely free and only committed to your specifications. Regular visits to trade fairs in Cologne, Milan, and Paris and our many years of experience guarantee a wide selection of renowned and lesser-known manufacturers.

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